ClaraBabyLegs December Patreon (4 pics)


Due to where the watermarks are placed; different lighting and background blur, the only suitable way to remove the email watermark was to pixelate it. I’ll have another go a cleaning the pictures when I have more time


    • She said:
      “Hey guys! So over the past week and a half I’ve been having issues with my email. I’ve been having issues getting emails to send to any server that isn’t a gmail or a yahoo server. I had a chat with one of my lovely patrons and it’s because I’m on some spam list for my emailing 😐 I’m having a bit of difficulty sending the last few Rewards out, so right now I’m considering a mass email of the last few people. I feel really crappy about it because it’s been so long but I really wanna get rewards to the last of you. Please let me know what you guys think and I love you all so much! Clara”

    • The way she does her rewards are weird, if you pay in November you don’t get pictures until December. Going by my search statistics, people that aren’t Patreons assume that if you pay in December you get Decembers rewards so to make it easier to search I name the pictures the month that they’re sent rather than the month you pay for

  1. What garbage, time to wait another month (probably more) just to see some shitty lingerie shots. Her patrons literally paid for her breast implants and now they don’t even get to see them, how sad.

  2. Really? All that time waiting for some mediocre lingerie shot?! Not even a hand bra pic?!! Please tell me she sent more than that.


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