Kat Wonders 25 Days of Lingerie | DAY 14


Kat Wonders 25 Days of Lingerie | DAY 14 video from her Patreon $150 tier.

Day 14 of 25 of uncensored lingerie. Missed a day? Find the others here – 25 Days of Lingerie


  1. I knew I was right to have high hopes. It’s good to see some obvious nipple in one of these videos finally.
    I can’t imagine her suddenly ditching the bra or wearing a peekaboo or balcony with her nipples just all the way out there, but I hope we might see something like that sheer one piece from a while back but without the nipple covers.
    Honestly though, I think this might be the peak of this series.

    • She is definitely turning up the heat throughout the month, honestly if the videos get even more revealing after this I might be tempted to pledge myself.


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