Kat Wonders 25 Days of Lingerie | DAY 5


Kat Wonders 25 Days of Lingerie | DAY 5 video from her Patreon $150 tier.

Day 5 of 25 of uncensored lingerie. Missed a day? Find the others here – 25 Days of Lingerie


  1. Thanks for uploading this, honestly I was going to buy the $150 tier myself, and may still consider doing so. I need to see the quality of content go up to meet the price before I do that though. I’ve paid for her $60 tier before and so far I’m not seeing anything different or improved.

  2. To the idiots complaining about the price. It clearly states ’25 days of lingerie’. So shes not obligated to show anything more than that. If you paid and expected nudity. Then you ripped yourself off.

    • that’s not the point. she has already came out saying that she would show more but would increase the tier so technically she’s lying… the reason people complain is because these females are showing the same shit they show on their YouTube channels yet are making you pay 150 for something that is free on YouTube lmao it’s a matter of either show more for 150 or just upload to youtube for free. in the end they are scam artists so if you are dumb enough to back them and pay then your an idiot

      • Lol, she was only day 1 into the 25 days, and people were complaining. How tf do we know what shes gonna show if shes only on day 5. Foh!

        • Literally you can see this same stuff in her Youtube vids or the $60 tier, so it’s a bit misleading. There are some girls who deliver much better, like Sanya. And yeah, obviously everyone is different, but this is still a business, and price vs value is important. For example, if you were gonna go grab fast food and they advertise this brand new burger that has new toppings and shit but costs $6 more than the normal burger, but when you order it everything is exactly the same, how would you feel about that? I don’t mind if girls value themselves highly and price accordingly, but you should at least deliver based on that, the ones paying also have self value, and other things to use their money on. It’s about mutual respect and understanding. If someone respects her enough to pay $150, she should show the same respect by providing equivalent content.

          • All she has to do is check on feeback. If her subs complain they arent getting their moneys worth, then maybe she’ll meet their demands. If she doesnt, she’ll start losing subs, and it’ll be her loss. But if subs arent complaining about it, then i guess they’re happy.

        • You must be new here. She never shows anything. Never has. Never will. Know why? Cause white knight fags like you who beat off to their moms “Good House” keeping mags think this is the hottest thing since Megan Kelly wore a short skirt on Fox.

          • Easy there Mr.AlphaAssFuck, if you’re so fucking great and amazing why are you even on this site, this is not the place for alpha pretending virgins like you.

        • 1.’So shes not obligated to show anything more than that.’
          2.’How tf do we know what shes gonna show if shes only on day 5′
          Wait, you’re contradicting yourself. high fail

          • I didnt say she COULDNT show anything other than wearing just lingerie. I said shes not obligated to since its just a lingerie spread. You’re stupid!

      • Then don’t fucking pay for it, it’s that simple. I love how some of you assholes feel entitled to their content. If it’s not for you then move on.


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